We want to ensure you that we will be following all government guidelines, and possibly beyond, to ensure the safety of our clients and team alike. Therefore, there are some temporary changes listed below that we have had to make to ensure the safety of everyone. We appreciate that visiting the salon for most is a time to relax and be indulged and we will still do our upmost to achieve this. Please bear in mind that these changes are not what we wish to do, but are necessary and everyone must unfortunately adhere to them. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY so that you are prepared for not only the changes we have made, but also for the guidance we are asking our clients to adhere to, so as to avoid any disappointment on arrival and during your appointment.

Salon Changes

•We have installed a sneeze/cough protective screen at the reception.

•We will ensure social distancing as much as possible and have removed the use of some stations to maximise distance between clients (there is a minimum of 2m between stations). 

•Each client will have their temperature taken on arrival via an infrared thermometer. If anyone’s temperature reads above 37.8C we will unfortunately not be able to service you. 

•We have installed hand sanitiser pumps at the entrance of the salon and inside the salon for clients to use before and after entering. There will also be hand sanitiser located at reception and at all stations. Please ensure you use at all times.

•Each client will be required to wear a mask or face covering during their appointment. Clients can wear their own (must be masks will elastic which goes round the ears and not around the back of the head), but if they do not have them, we have them available in the salon at a small cost. 

•Every staff member will be wearing PPE consisting of a face mask and visor. They will also be wearing gloves and disposable aprons which will be discarded after servicing each client.

•All surfaces will be disinfected and cleaned between each client with strong antibacterial cleansers and all tools will be disinfected using ‘Barbicide’ which is the best and industry standard disinfectant. You can read more here https://barbicide.com/disinfecting/.

•We are allowing ourselves extra time between clients to ensure the correct disinfecting and sanitising protocols are carried out.

•We will be conducting your consultation while standing behind you and talking to you via the mirror to reduce face to face contact time.

Client Changes

•Please only bring essentials with you. If you must bring a number of personal belongings (bags, coats etc), we will have disinfected storage boxes available that we ask you place these items in. They will be safely visible next to the client for their personal access. These boxes will be sanitised after each use. 

•Please come on your own. We will not be able to accommodate any children/friends etc unless previously arranged with the salon owner during your booking.

•Please do not arrive until your appointment time as we will have no waiting seating available.

•You will be required to wait outside until we come and welcome you into the salon, due to our restrictions on waiting area space, even if you are on time so please be prepared. Also please be patient if we are running behind slightly while we get used to all of these new measures.

•Please do not self select retail products and allow your stylist/colourist to collect from the shelves for you.

•if you feel unwell or if you have been in contact with anyone who has been unwell with any similar symptoms to COVID-19, please do not visit the salon and inform us as soon as possible and cancel the appointment. You will not be charged for your appointment if you need to cancel and reschedule due to ill health.

• Unfortunately no hot/cold drinks will be available. Please feel free to bring your own bottled water.

We would like to point out these are not restrictions that we necessarily want to put in place, but we must for the safety of everyone. If anyone has any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Lets keep our fingers crossed that life can get back to normal for everyone as soon as possible. 

Stay safe and see you soon.